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May we tell you a warm welcome at the website of  the travel agency “Kozak Travel” that you exclusive and with much fun information concerning trips to and remain on the subtropical peninsula of The Autonomous Republic Crimea wishes to offer!  We certainly do not tell you, we have the best or most complete website about this (holiday) destination, but in the meanwhile we hope, on the basis of photographs and practical information regarding the peninsula, to be at your service as much as we can. Through the information, that’s have been taken up in the different page’s; we try to increase your knowledge of the peninsula and also to rise the name acquaintance. Under the motto “Crimea, for a brilliant holiday at the Russian Riviera” we try to convince you, to come and visit Crimea at the Black Sea like many clients from the rest of the world already did, once your selves. The Kozak Travel agency offers you complete English-language trips accompaniment! All our excursions and visits at Crimea are after all via an English speaking guide, which will help you with much pleasure, to discover all beautiful spots of the peninsula. However, we wish also to be a practical guide and help by the preparing of your trip and stay. On term, this site must grow also into a real reference source on the territory of this destination. At each page you can go to different sub pages, and each one of those has a different subject or aspect, concerning Crimea or our services. Kozak Travel for Hotel Excursion Diving apartments and much more